• Christian Couples

    Christian Couples

    In today’s complicated world many Christian couples are looking for faithful answers to the challenges and relationship difficulties that too often arise. Couples are also looking for solid help that not only help them in the here and now, but will continue to serve them far into the future. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT for short) with a therapist that honors the Christian view of marriage is the answer you are searching for.

    Often Christian couples are hesitant to call a marriage therapist when they are struggling with marital difficulties. One reason for this hesitancy is that they wonder if their therapist will respect and honor their Christian beliefs about marriage; that it is a permanent covenant sanctioned by God. It is not difficult for a couple to find a therapist that will honor the individual above the couple, or that will even advocate for divorce if things are rocky in the marriage. Many couples, Christian and otherwise, want to save their marriages. These couples know that their marriages are valuable and worth saving, even if there are real struggles, either dating back a long time, or recent ones that have come along with some other change or changes in life.

    I also believe that your marriage is valuable and worth saving. That is why I practice Emotionally Focused Therapy which helps couples repair their relationship at the foundation. The strongest foundation of any relationship, especially an intimate one like marriage, is a secure attachment. God created us to be securely attached to him and to one another, particularly in our marriages and to our children. However, sometimes we don’t always build secure attachments with one another and from the resulting insecure attachments we can hurt one another. EFT aims to make less-than-secure attachments more secure, thereby making relationships more satisfactory and fulfilling.

    Another reason that some Christian couples hesitate to seek marriage counseling is that they might feel that because they are Christian that they should not be having these struggles. If only they prayed more or had more faith they would not be in so much pain. While Jesus challenges us to be perfect, it takes a lifetime to become so. This means that we will struggle within ourselves and within our relationships. The beauty is that if we face our struggles and difficulties we can strengthen our marriages, family relationships, and even our relationship with God.

    Romans 8:28 tell us that “We know that in everything God works for good with those who love him.” This reminds us though our difficult moments, in our most important relationships, can feel hopeless, there is always and hope because God will work good out of those difficult moments. Call me today, to begin to open the door for God to work good out of your difficulties, through Emotionally Focused Therapy. I will use empirically validated methods, credible research tells us that EFT works, and I will honor your Christian faith and view of marriage.