• Individual Counseling

    Individual Counseling

    Individual counseling may be the best option for you if you feel like you have marital issues but marriage counseling is not an option. You might feel like you have other kinds of relational problems but would rather come to counseling on your own. Perhaps you feel that your struggles are purely individual. If any of these are true for you then individual counseling may be the best answer.

    My individual clients have a deep desire for healing and wholeness. You may have issues from the past that just keep popping up, or you suspect that issues from the past are affecting you in the present. My individual clients report feelings of anxiety, depression, stress, sadness, or even just a general sense of discontent with, or being overwhelmed life. The things that can cause these feelings are often spiritual in nature and/or you desire psychological and spiritual solutions. As a Catholic Christian or Protestant Christian you may worry that a therapist will not accept your faith and the central part it plays in your life. Maybe in the past you have not brought up faith in the counseling room, or worse yet you have brought it up and it was diminished or ignored. When I work with Christian women I allow them to guide me in the ways and degrees they want to bring their faith into their work.

    We know that God desires our healing and ultimately perfection, but we don’t always know how to get there, especially when our emotions, thoughts, relationships, and/or behaviors are in disorder.

    My approach to individual counseling can help you sort out your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so you can feel more available to God, to your loved ones, and so you can feel more whole and content. In our work together I will honor your faith, make use of it to the extent that you desire, and help you find the wholeness and peace you long for.

    If you have any questions about the process of individual counseling, or about how I can be of assistance to you on your journey please call or email me anytime!