• Marriage Counseling

    Marriage Counseling

    Our marital relationship can be the most wonderful and the most challenging one of our lives. So much so that too many of us actually do it more than once. In a perfect world, in an unfallen world, we would not divorce, and marriage would only be wonderful, not challenging, not difficult, and there would not be misunderstanding, hurt feelings, loneliness, or conflict.

    You may not be in constant conflict, you may even experience many highlights and strong points in your marriage, but you know that things could be better in other areas. Maybe you want to feel closer to your spouse, maybe you want to hear more about his or her inner world, his thoughts about your marriage, or her feelings about the things going on in your lives. Perhaps sometimes your spouse seemingly spontaneously nags, criticizes, or otherwise becomes highly emotional in some way that leaves you confused and pushes you away.

    No matter what struggles you have going on in your own marriage, Emotionally Focused Therapy is a proven couples therapy method that can help. In the counseling process I help couples slow down and over time, learn new ways of connecting. These new ways of connecting accommodate each other’s hurts, and also help heal and integrate those hurts in a way that prevents them from ruling the day, and the marriage. This opens the door for a more loving and peaceful marriage and family life. Couples learn how and why they do what they do, how to disengage from destructive patterns, and how to engage in loving, purposeful, and fulfilling interactions, even when conflicts arise.

    Contact me today to see how Emotionally Focused Marriage Therapy can help you love being married.