• What is Emotionally Focused Therapy Anyway?

    What is Emotionally Focused Therapy Anyway?

    I wanted to post something fairly brief on Emotionally Focused Therapy, a beautiful therapy that gets to the heart of the matter. There are a wide variety of therapies available today. Many of these are solid, good therapies but one of the best is Emotionally Focused Therapy. EFT aims to address the underlying relational difficulty, primarily insecure attachment. Making an insecure attachment secure will open up a couple’s ability to solve all their challenges with from a position of strength and love.

    Emotionally Focused Therapy is couples therapy based on attachment theory which supposes that secure attachments formed in the earliest developmental stages are the foundation for the rest of our relationships, especially our intimate relationships, throughout our lives.  It is not necessary to spend years “on the couch” figuring out what did or didn’t happen in those early years but instead the focus is primarily on the “here and now”.  I help couples slow down, learn new ways of connecting, and help heal and integrate past hurts in a way that prevents those sore spots from taking over the marriage. This opens the door for a more loving and peaceful marriage and family life. Couples learn how and why they do what they do, how to disengage from destructive patterns, and how to engage in loving, purposeful, and fulfilling interactions, even when conflicts arise.

    So whether you have a generally healthy relationship but feel that there is room to grow, or you are in conflict and are unsure about what to do next, Emotionally Focused Therapy might very well be for you! You can grow in intimacy with one another, and if you are a couple of faith, so desire this can also be a step on the path to deeper intimacy with God.

    Emotionally Focused Therapy can be used with individuals too. Sometimes couples therapy is not possible for a married person, or a person is single and they want learn about themselves. In Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy an individual will explore how they how they view themselves and others, and how these views affect their relationships, especially the most important ones.

    If you have any questions about EFT or EFIT for you and your spouse, or for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone: 970-232-1776, email: Nissa@IndivisibleCouples.com, or through any of the available links on my website: IndivisibleCouples.com

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